What is trail running?

Trail running is a term which is not familair to many people. Simply put it means off-road running. You're running over trails in nature instead of a course or paved street.

But if you look closer you'll see that trail running actually means much more than that. In trail running there is a certain magic which makes people who experience trail running fall in love with it. With the sport and everything it brings with it. The atmosphere, the community, the beautiful places you get to visit and much more.

Within trail running it's true that not 1 training is the same. Because you're out in nature the environment around you is constantly changing and you will really notice the difference in the season. Each of them has their own charm, wether its snow on the fields or the blossoms you can see from down the hills.


Normally you don't visit so many different places in the nature. But if you are trail running you'll quickly realize just how beautiful The Netherlands is and how many different kind of landscapes we have. A lot of people are joking around about The Netherlands being so flat. Well, I can guarantee you they've never climbed the hills in place like the Veluwe or the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

But besides all the beautiful scenery the atmosphere itself is truly amazing. Regular running is usually aimed at performance and breaking records. And don't get me wrong, trail running isn't a stroll either. It's probably even harder than regular running. But with trail running the emphasis is on enjoying. And this is reflected in the atmosphere. In general everyone is very social and all the athletes take good care of each other.

You'll notice this at the aid stations. It's not just getting a sip of water and off you go again. Most aid stations offer you a variety of hearty snacks such as candy, cookies, fruit and different kind of drinks. It's a real treat.

And it's not just the other people and the atmosphere that can entertain you. It's also the animals. Because there is a fairly large chance that you'll encounter one. This can be a small animal such as a squirrel or a rabbit but you will also encounter large animals such as wild horses, deer or the Scottisch Highlander cow. You have to be careful with those encounters but if you show respect to nature you won't have any issues with this.


With trail running offering all those things it's not so strange that people get hooked on this sport. It's more than just running, it's going to places you would normally never visit. In state of being solely focused on having the best time it's an opportunity to make beautiful pictures and to enjoy. With all that the suffering gets a little bit more easy because let's face, it's still a though sport that can kick your ass. Luckily in this sport with each event there is always a cold and well-earned beer waiting for you. Trail running means enjoying while going the distance!

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