Danny's trail stands for the trail I have walked in life and my passion for trail running. Since I started trail running this has added to my life in more ways then I thought was possible. 

In 2019 I moved back to The Netherlands after living abroad (Ireland and UK) for 6,5 years. I started trail running after I moved back here.

Trail running is a unique sport which pushes your boundaries, both physically and mentally. But besides that it's also enjoying life to its fullest. You might have to suffer some moments but the sport willl take you to the nicest places in nature, which some people don't realize are even there. You also burn plenty of calories. To compensate that there are always some nice sweets at the aid stations and a beer waiting for you at the finish line. In short: The perfect sport for me.

In 2019 heb ik mijn eerste ultramarathons gelopen (50km en 100km). Dit waren unieke ervaringen en hoewel heel zwaar ook erg verslavend. Dit jaar ga ik wederom voor de 100km, ditmaal om aandacht te vragen voor de auto-immuun ziekte Coeliakie. Dit is iets waar my girlfriend suffers from this and it is something we experience from up close. I hope my trail running talents can contribute to fighting this disease.